Senator McGuire

Dec. 7, 2015

Dear Friends,


The Illinois Senate today approved a measure authorizing Governor Bruce Rauner to release gaming and gas tax funds to local governments, pay Illinois Lottery winners, support community colleges, train police officers, and shore up human services.


I was a proud co-sponsor of the measure, which passed the Illinois House on Dec. 2.


Better late than never. Had Gov. Rauner negotiated a budget last spring, we could have avoided over five months of anxiety felt everywhere from mayors' offices to GED classrooms. Let's hope this common-sense, bipartisan action continues into the new year.


Among the $3.1 billion in funds released by the legislation are:


· $100 million in casino taxes to cities with riverboats.

· $582 million in Motor Fuel Tax to municipalities and counties.

· $43 million to community colleges and non-profit organizations for adult education

  career-technical training.

· $19 million for domestic violence shelters.

· $165 million for LIHEAP home heating-bill assistance.

· $12 million for law enforcement training.


Most of the monies released by the measure are either federal pass-through funds or state funds derived from fees and licenses. Only $28 million comes from Illinois income and sales taxes.


I urge Gov. Rauner to sign SB 2039 immediately. The state has played hide-and-seek with this money for far too long.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Pat McGuire
Senator Pat McGuire
43rd District – Illinois



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