05032017CM1018Reacting to Gov. Bruce Rauner’s State of the State address today, State Senator and Senate Higher Education Committee Chairman Pat McGuire said any mention of the challenges facing Illinois colleges was conspicuously absent.
“It was a one-percenter’s view of higher education,” McGuire said of the speech. “The governor mentioned one state university – the University of Illinois. He ignored 80 percent of the students attending college in Illinois. He mentioned MIT, Harvard and Stanford. I’m really disappointed that the governor continues to be fixated on highly selective institutions at the expense of Illinois’ community colleges and regional public universities.”
Also missing from the speech was a clear pledge for stability and certainty for Illinois public universities and community colleges, McGuire said.
“There’s a bipartisan, bicameral higher education working group of which I am a member. What we’re hearing from our public universities is that a reason for the exodus of students out of state is uncertainty: Uncertainty if programs will continue, uncertainty if campuses will be modernized, uncertainty if MAP grants will be funded. The Governor needs to make clear that he will invest in our entire higher education system."
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