Months of bipartisan cooperation and input from the state’s public universities came to fruition this morning as legislation enacting a plan put forth by the Higher Education Working Group became law.

State Senator Pat McGuire, D-Crest Hill, is Chairman of the Senate Higher Education Committee and led the bipartisan, bicameral working group as it assessed the damage of the budget impasse and a decades-long trend of declining enrollment at Illinois colleges and universities. McGuire applauded the legislation that passed today, which included measures allowing students to extend their Monetary Award Program (MAP) grants to four years and giving students more options to transfer credits in order to obtain associate’s degrees.

“I commend my colleagues on the Higher Education Working Group, who joined me in acting without partisan rancor and coming to compromises that will bring stability, certainty, and accessibility to the students who can most benefit from a strong public community college and university system,” McGuire said.

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Recently some residents of Woodridge received an extremely offensive white supremacist/anti-Semitic leaflet.  Unfortunately, other neighboring Chicago-area communities have experienced similar incidents in recent weeks. In response, Senator Pat McGuire, Senator John F. Curran, Representative John Connor and Representative David S. Olsen, the Illinois General Assembly members representing the Village of Woodridge, issued the following joint statement:

“We join Mayor Gina Cunningham in denouncing the recent distribution of racist and anti-Semitic leaflets in the Village of Woodridge. We reject the hateful messages of intolerance shown within these leaflets. The racism, bigotry and prejudice displayed in these pamphlets have no place in our society and will not be tolerated. We will remain a compassionate, diverse and caring community which supports and respects one another as diverse and unique individuals. The unity and compassion shown by residents in Woodridge and across our districts is what defines our community.”

Currently, the Woodridge Police Department is investigating this incident. Anyone with information that would be helpful to this investigation should contact the Police Department at (630) 960-8998.

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Postsecondary and Workforce Ready Act expanded to be available to all grades

McGuire2014State Senator Pat McGuire (D-Crest Hill) today announced his legislation expanding competency-based education to more students and more school districts has been signed into law.

“Competency-based education recognizes that it’s the skills learned, not the time spent sitting in class, that prepares students for the workforce, the military and college,” McGuire said. “That’s why I’m pleased my bi-partisan expansion of the Postsecondary and Workforce Ready Act has been signed into law by the Governor. This measure makes students in all grades, not just high school, eligible for this personalized way of learning. It also allows school districts to join together in collaborative pilot programs, stretching tax dollars to assist more students.”

The legislation was Senate Bill 2941. It takes effect Jan. 1.


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State Senator Pat McGuire issued the following statement today as the Illinois Senate approved a bipartisan budget compromise that included an increase in funding for state colleges and universities:

“The Illinois Senate today adopted a Fiscal Year 2019 state budget which is balanced. It was achieved by bipartisan cooperation. And it was accomplished without bitterness,” McGuire said. “The serious challenges which still face Illinois are more likely to be solved now that a bridge has been built between Democrats and Republicans.”

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